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“Poverty is a difficulty and a test straight from the Almighty. A continuous struggle to live from day to day and condition in which millions find themselves in. It is also a tremendous test of patience and endurance for those in the vicious cycle of poverty in which there is no way out except in the urging touch of hope that someday, somehow it will be over.”

It is a feeling of pain and sorrow that is infrequently disrupted when happiness pays a visit. Otherwise, it feels like no one cares or even bothers to help.
It makes you feel unimportant to other people or even worse invisible. It makes time stand still and makes you feel alone in the eternity of poverty, yes, there are more poor and needy people than rich and comfortable people in this world. Poverty is a condition which the world knows about but a condition that only a few kind and honest people would raise their hand of help to change for the better. This world is a cold and lonely place to live in to the vast majorities of the poor.

A condition which makes it easy for them to resort to crime. It is a condition in which people do not care how they live or what they do not do. A condition into which millions of children born into poverty will be the only life they will ever know. Regrettably, no matter how hard you try there is no way out. Above all, sickness and misfortune always befalls the poor and death there seems to be just around the corner waiting for you to give up.

"Oh, children of Adam, spending on others is better than with holding your wealth"
"Oh, children of Adam, spend upon others even though you yourself do not have enough"
"Oh, believers, give food to the hungry and clothes to the naked because giving the poor is a light of happiness to your future."

Whoever is kind, The Almighty will be kind to them. Therefore be kind to man on earth and he who is in heaven will show mercy on them.

We sometimes feel what we do is just a drop in the ocean, but the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. Wherever there is a human being there is an opportunity for kindness.

We can make a difference in this world when we work hand in hand together with Ashrafun Nusrah the Noble Helpers Charitable organisation and with your support and donation we can save thousands of needy families.

But now it is your chance to make a difference. Below you will find the banking details of The Noble Helpers.


Please note that any donation of any kind does not go the founders or employees of this company but strictly to charity.





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