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Our Vision of The Noble Helpers None Profit Organization A.N.T.N.H.C.O

To be a vehicle of social change in the local communities where Ashrafun Nusrah - "The Noble Helpers" work. To work in partnership with the local communities in their search for real causes and real solutions to their problems. More importantly

  1. To continue to be the warm mother's embrace in whose comfort the communities lay their heads in utter abandon as they cry and the gentle hand that wipes away their tears of grief in their moments of deep sorrow;

  2. To continue to be the extended arm of strength and support to the local communities when they falter and stumble in their attempts to change the existing socio-economic mind-set which has resulted in the lowest social difficulties and depravations in the lives of the communities;

  3. To continue to be a clear voice of reason and a kind voice of hope and determined courage in the fight of the local communities against the scourge of the diseases of ignorance, poverty, unemployment that will continue to claim many lives for many more years in the future and finally Ashrafun Nusrah - "The Noble Helpers" is and shall continue to be the silent empathetic witness that will share in their moments of victory and joyfull celebrations when the war on poverty, unemployment, lack of self respect and low self-esteem and diseases associated with poverty is finally won.





The Noble Helpers
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Northern Cape
Republic of South Africa

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