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The organisation enjoys a healthy and growing partnership with local communities in the promotion and training related to self-dependency strategies in areas of social responsibilities that include amongst others, business, health, education, agriculture, poverty alleviation sports and entertainment.

It also works with communities in addressing the following particular programmes:

  1. Assistance to the sick and the poor in their socio-economic duties and responsibilities to their families and their chosen lifestyles. This applies to different races, religion and cultures;
  2. Assistance to the poor or large destitute families with donations of food parcels, clothes and payments of electricity and other expenses related to their residential houses;
  3. Assistance to single people including students. Some of these own houses and others do not but also need shelter, food and clothing;
  4. Assistance to students at tertiary institutions (Technikon, universities and even high schools who are already enrolled in these institutions but for one reason or another develop unavoidable financial problems;
  5. Assistance to the families of poor people in cases of death in taking care of matters like the transportation costs of the body of the deceased and the payment for the grave;
  6. Assistance to the living of diseases, poverty and unemployment like:
    1. HIV and AIDS;
    2. Tuberculosis;
    3. Diabetes;
    4. Diseases that affect small children aged from birth to five years and are the result of high death rates in those groups.
  7. Other opportunistic diseases associated with ignorance, poverty and unemployment.Training for:
    1. HIV and AIDS;
    2. Business Skills;
    3. Training people to control fires at informal settlements.
  8. Looking after underprivileged children at an establishment providing food and lodging;
  9. Home-based care;
  10. Environmental Concerns;
  11. Feeding schemes for pets;
  12. Disaster Management;
  13. Empowering Youths in different types of skills;
  14. Involve communities in different development projects.




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