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History & Social Responsibility Ashrafun Nusrah The Noble Helpers Organisation A.N.T.N.H.C.O

This organization started from very humble beginnings. It started small and informally from the residential house of the chairperson. Its charity work reflected affordable and simple needs of most financial disadvantage, mostly unemployed, and not very literate communities.


Significant percentages of the adult population become victims of serious socioeconomic difficulties in the homes and in the communities. In extreme cases, these difficulties led to separations, divorces, and the displacement of children. A fair number of these also become victims of opportunistic disease of illiteracy, poverty and unemployment. It is these categories of the adult population and their children that began to call for help in the communities. It is these people that created and shaped what are today a registered organization named Ashrafun Nusrah – “The Noble Helpers”.


In the words of one sister she describe her work amongst these socio- economically displayed people in the words, “Poverty is a difficulty and test straight from the Almighty A continuous struggle to live from day to day and a condition in which millions find themselves in. it is also a tremendous test of patience and endurance for those in the various cycle of poverty in which there is no way out except in the urging touch of hope that someday, somehow it will be over!! (The full text at “Appendix A”). It is reiterated that it was in essence the people displaced by poverty that created Ashrafun Nusrah – “The Noble Helpers”. These communities of people appreciated the good work The Organization did for them. The organization worked with utmost dignity, honesty, and respect amongst the communities. They thus called freely and without restrain on the Organization Ashrafun Nusrah The Noble Helpers for advice, guidance’s and other forms of help in different problems and difficult experience in their daily lives.


The organization on the other hand humbled themselves in the cause of the Almighty they believed it was the responsibility of the Organization to make a worthy effort for the sake of the Almighty alone and in order to worship and to please Him. They then thus responded if every man helps his neighbor, then who needs help!! The social economics responsibilities they assumed required from them at all times many commitments from the members of the organization. It is also required a lot of love of the work they did it because it involved dealing and working with poverty, pain, suffering, helplessness and death in the communities in which they work and live. The responsibilities they carried out required a lot of money that often goes beyond what is available or what is by any standards commendable but in terms of needs of the people on the grounds, it has been like drops of water into tens of thirsty mouths of crying children.


Even now, it operates in an environment of utter desperation and helplessness. It will continue to help but cannot in the short to medium terms hope for drastic changes and improvements to meet at least 50% of the urgent demands needs of the communities due to limitation of money and other resources. May you help and how? Your urgent response in regard to financial assistance other forms of help will be highly appreciated.





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